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Make a tour to the capital of Bhutan, Thimpu (Thimphu) that is famous for being the most unique capital city of the world because of its untouched natural beauty. Thimpu is a major tourist destination of the Himalayan country Bhutan. Thimpu lands in a beautiful valley fanning out of Thimpu Chuu river.

Thimpu, being the capital of Bhutan is the home to the revered Bhutanese Royal Family, the Royal government and Judiciary of Bhutan. Thimpu is most famous for its cultural tours. The major tourist attractions in Thimpu are the galleries, museums or places of historic interest. The blissful natural beauty of the Himalayas attract a lot of tourists to Thimpu.

Thimpu Information
Significance Capital City of Bhutan
Established in 1995
Height from Sea Level 2400 m (8000 ft)
Major Attractions Tashichhodzong (Tashi Chuu Dzong), Dechencholing and Tangu Cherry

Thimpu Tourist Spots
Tashichhodzong is a beautiful pink roofed fortress located in the front of the SAARC building in Thimpu. The word Tashichhodzong means “The Fortress of the glorious religion”. The annual 5-day Tshechu festival is celebrated in Tashichhodzong. This beautiful fortress is the seat of the government of Nepal. Tashichhodzong was built in 1641 by Shabdrung Ngawang Namgyal and reconstructed in 1962, by the Late King, His Majesty, King Jigme Dorji Wangchuck.

A short distance from Thimpu, at Dechencholing, is the Royal palace, residence of members of the Royal family except the king. Set among sweeping lawns, ponds and willow trees, this beautiful three storied building is entirely traditional, both in its architecture and in its furnishings

Tangu Cherry
Tangu Cherry is a beautiful monastery, an old building dating back to several hundred years. Tangu Cherry is an important landmark in Thimpu. It has great historical and religious importance attached to it. The beauty and tranquility of the monastery has no bounds.

Thimpu Markets
Shopping is fun at Thimpu. Though there are no big malls or shopping arcades in Thimpu, this is amply compensated by the helpful nature of the shopkeepers and the exclusively beautiful and reasonable handicrafts items available for purchase. The shops stock lovely handicraft items, skillfully woven shawls and decorated prayer wheels.

Unique Fact
Thimpu does not have a single traffic light because it does not suit its Nature. Thimpu's first and the only traffic light was enshrined in a chorten (a small Buddhist shrine). Later it was removed on king's orders to save Thimpu's natural essence and beauty. Only a sprinkling of cars is ever found along the main street and the capital's population is therefore not immediately visible.

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