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Bhutan Tourist Attractions

In the Lap of Nature...

Famous as the last Sanghri la (literally translated as Utopian paradise) on earth, the tiny Bhutan Kingdom offers a lot to the tourists. From snow-capped mountain peaks to historical relics, large number of tourist attractions bedeck the marvellous landscape of Bhutan. With its tourism industry constantly developing, Bhutan is slowly putting itself as a great tourist destination to explore. The fact that Bhutan has mysteries associated to its unexplored landscape makes it more lucrative for the tourists.

Places to Visit in Bhutan
Name Location Why to Visit?
Thimpu West Bhutan Bhutan's Capital City
Paro Center Bhutan The most developed city in Bhutan
Punakha East Bhutan Beauty of Eastern Himalayan range
National Museum Central Bhutan, Paro Cultural Heritage of Bhutan
Jigme Dorji National Park Northern Bhutans Hot springs and rare wildlife
Kurje Lhakhang Near Bumthang Historic Temple
Chimi Lhakhang Punakha Mystical Temple
Kyichu Lhakhang Central Bhutan, Paro The oldest shrine in Bhutan
Takstang Lhakhang Central Bhutan, Paro Buddhist Pilgrimage Site

Thimpu and Paro valley are two most sought-after tourist attractions in Bhutan. Thimpu is the capital of the country, yet the ambience is not modern. The city retains its old-world charm. Paro is the most developed city of Bhutan. But you can natural landscape just outside the city. Paro valley also holds many monuments which tell us a lot about the heritage of the country.
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