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Tourism in Bhutan

Bhutan is a peaceful country with strong traditional values based on religion, respect for the royal family and care for the environment. Located in the magnificent Himalayas, Bhutan is also named as 'The Land of Peaceful Thunder Dragon' due to the regular feature of storms in the Himalayan region. Spread over 18,146 miles, Bhutan offers breathtaking mountain views, incredible scenic beauty, exciting wildlife and a rich culture and lifestyle which Bhutanese people still strives to preserve in the face of modernity. Explore the distinctive Bhutan architechture, Buddhist monasteries, carved wooden houses and the fine crafts on your tour to Bhutan.

Bhutan Top Information

Bhutan Language - Know Bhutanese Language the National Language of Bhutan
Bhutan Flag - View the Flag of Bhutan and exciting Bhutan Flag Picture .
Bhutan Pictures - Bhutan Picture Gallery takes you to the unexplored treasures of Bhutan.
Bhutan Hotels - Bhutan Tourism facilitates the top class Hotels in Bhutan
Bhutan Food - Taste the Bhutanese Food, and explore the various dishes from Bhutan Cuisine.
Bhutan Culture - Explore the Culture of Bhutan, the people of Bhutan and the various Festivals Celebrated by Bhutan.
Bhutan Tourist Spots - Visit the popular Tourist Spots in Bhutan and famous Bhutan Tourist Attractions
History of Bhutan Get to know about Bhutan History, Bhutan Religion, Bhutan Dance and Festivals.

Thimpu - The Capital of Bhutan
Capital to the tiny Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan, Thimpu is situated at an elevation of 2300 meters. It is perhaps the smallest capital in the world that exhibits splendid traditional Bhutanese art, architecture, culture, and tradition and above all still so ethnic and pure. The place celebrates breathtaking Thimpu Festival, also called the festival of dances in a grand way.

Prime Attractions
Paro Valley - A Beautiful Valley
Paro Valley is one of the most developed cities of Bhutan and also a testament to the rich cultural heritage of the country. The picturesque Paro valley has some of the most ancient temples and Buddhist monasteries in Bhutan and for these very reasons Paro Valley is one of the most visited destinations of Bhutan.

Historical Sites of Bhutan
Tongsa - Home of the Wangchuk Dynasty
Tongsa is an ancestral home to the royal family of Bhutan,. The Wangchuk Dynasty controlled the country of Bhutan from the Tongsa Dzong till the time democracy was officially incorporated in Bhutan. Tongsa also houses some of the best shopping destinations in Bhutan selling hand woven textiles at very competitive prices.

Bumthang Valley - Sacred Destinations of Bhutan
The valley of Bumthang has some of the oldest Buddhist temples and sacred sites in its vicinity thereby making this valley a religious center of Bhutan. Beautiful natural sceneries and its many old forts makes it one of the must visit hot spots of the nation.

Forts of Bhutan
The Bhutanese forts or Dzong as they are often called are one of the prime attractions to this country. The Dzong in Mongar built in 1930 is the most recent addition to the architectural delights of Bhutan. It is said that to built the famous Mongar Dzong of Bhutan no drawings were used.

Built in the year 1654, Lhuendrup Dzong in Lhuntse is considered to be one of the most ancient monuments of Bhutan. Lhuntse captures within itself rich ancient heritage of Bhutan.

Wildlife of Bhutan
Jigme Dorji National Park
Jigme Dorji National Park is named after the third king of Bhutan. It is one of the largest and protected sanctuaries of Bhutan and like all other national parks in Bhutan is operated under a development scheme operated by the World Wide Fund.

Flora & Fauna
Bhutan has it all in the form of its rich Flora & Fauna. Starting from the Blue Poppy which is also the National Flower of Bhutan, junipers, magnolias, edelweiss, uncommon orchids, giant rhubarb, tropical trees, pine trees and oak trees to its Fauna which includes red pandas, the golden langur, snow leopard, musk deer and the himalayan brown bear.

Shopping in Bhutan
Bhutan is considered to a good shopping destinations if one is looking for handicrafts and antique jewelry. Known for its famous shops selling handmade textiles, wooden products, carpets, metal jewelry and handicrafts. In fact the Handicrafts Emporium on the main street of Thimpu is open everyday to cater to the tourist population. Also famous shopping place is the Motithang Hotel souvenir shop which is located in Thimpu where all sort of old coins and antique collections are found here.

How To Reach Bhutan
By Air
Paro International Airport, the only airport in Bhutan is a 2-hour drive away from the capital of Bhutan and is served by Druk Air, the only airline connecting Bhutan.

By Road
Bhutan is connected to prominent places in India like Darjeeling and Gangtok through road and is approx. 7 hours away from these Indian hill stations. Buses and Taxis facilitate the movement around Bhutan.
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